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Gaming 101: Portal 2 [part 1]

It’s been a long time…

And finally – the unexpected occurred…Portal 2 became a reality – and I thank God for it.

This article will explain and comment parts from every chapter of the game..why I like it and for what reasons.

There are spoilers in here so before continuing reading…you should play the game.

Okay…you monster…let’s put our differences behind us..for science.

Portal 2 being the sequel to the first Valve game to introduce us to Aperture Science – it’s about applying the laws of gravity and using the environment to gain advantage in order to reach different checkpoints.

Testing…a word the Valve team became legendary for. From the old-school Half-Life to our 2011 game – testing was a subject of putting one’s brain to work.

In the first chapter you encounter Wheatley – which is going to become a most powerful tool [if I might say].

Also, through his plans – he will revive GLadOS. Now…the testing will begin. You will be surprised to see the old Portal Testing Chambers [which are in ruins] along with new, better ones.

GLadOS will be not happy about you killing her [which obviously was just an electrical interruption and not real death].

Test after test, we gain knowledge about GLadOS’ new plans for the Aperture Science Facility [which is now presented as a huge complex].

Putting aside the sarcasm and the cruel jokes..let’s ride the elevator to the break-room and talk about the time I saw a deer.

But before reaching that point, we just have to talk about the new impressive elements of Portal 2. The Aerial Faith Plate is one of them. This device let’s you jump high and reach different points that usually are not accessible.

The laser cube is very useful and you can use it to redirect laser beams and open doors or activate lifts.

About the difficulty I can say it is moderate…if you are smart enough you can easily observe the elements of the puzzle you have to resolve. By the way – I managed to find alternative solutions to one test – so everything is relative but acceptable.

More about the plot and other Valve unique marks in the second part of this article.

[to be continued…]