Sanctum – Review

If you like adventure movies, you should check this out. From the executive producer James Cameron comes Sanctum.

A nearly impossible system of caves gets explored by a team in the hopes of finding the other end of it. With flooded passages and dangerous subterranean rivers, the only way to continue is down.

This cave is the only places left unexplored – that’s why the divers get so excited about it. But soon they’ll discover that this adventure comes with a price.

When communication with the outside world is cut due to a tropical storm – some of them will try to get to surface. But because the amount of water that comes down will not permit them to leave, they’ll have to find another exit point.

Accidents occur, people die, everything is getting disastrous. The few that remained are starting to lose hope. Their source of light gets low – but they have to struggle to survive.

A lot of underwater landscapes depicted in this production – a great image of the natural elements, described in their essence – raw and furious.


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