We’re Alive

Recently I sat for hours and listened to this amazing audio drama called We’re Alive. It’s about the zombie apocalypse, it’s free and it’s the greatest thing I’ve heard in my life.

It’s not your everyday undead tale, but a collection of drama, horror, crime, comedy and action elements. You can find it here – The Zombie Podcast.

From the first episode we deal with intensive drama and factual depictions through the eyes of the characters.

Sergeant Michael Cross is the one who involves us in the story. By his monologue he describes his life at the moment of the outbreak.

Later, he and his military intelligence comrades start the battle against the zombies.

While the episodes keep running, our heroes encounter many obstacles, rescue other survivors, deal with the hungry hordes and try to live as normal as possible.

They always have to explore the remains of the city to find out resources like food, drugs and munition.

The show has a great action-adventure atmosphere. When the survivors don’t fight with the undead, they must fight for their belongings because other “survivors” want to conquer their territory.

There are 18 episodes structured into 2 seasons [til this moment]. Every episode has three parts. From the beginning it gets you addictive and with every episode, the story is developing – becoming more intense and more interesting. The ending of each episode leaves a wide space for interpretations and a sense of wanting to know more.

You can find additional details at the Zombie Podcast Wiki.

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