Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon

I recently laid my eyes on Avalon [from the director of Ghost in the Shell].

Avalon is set in a futuristic environment, where different worlds combine. The characters become players engaged in a deadly and illegal simulation combat game.

They create parties, gain experience points and complete missions.

It’s a sort of first person/third person shooter with RPG elements – obviously adapted for the big screen.

Our hero, Ash is an experienced fighter – one of the “star players”. She is a loner, lives with her dog [you probably remember him from GITS].

After finding out of a more intensive and higher level of the game, she starts seeking information about that “map”. Of course, playing there demands joining a party, so she ends up with a bunch of adventurers who also wanted to explore the hidden faces of Avalon.

There’s a tense atmosphere depicted in this movie, a devastated world. Violence is everywhere. Ruins, sick people, dead nature – everything to lead to a dark face of existence.

Special effects, non-linear story-telling, guns and ashes…one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Recommended.


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