Gaming 101: Diablo II [part 1]

That’s a subject I’ve been neglecting lately..because I didn’t had the time to play as long as I wanted. But…I took a break and laid down a few hours having fun with Diablo II.

Diablo II is probably my all-time favorite hack&slash, the RPG that will be always fun to play.

I managed to raise my character up to lvl 20 and get some powerful items (the Coif of Glory, the Havoc Spiral, Soldier’s Battle Axe of the Glacier, Glorious Chain Gloves of Fortune).

When I play this game I always go with the Paladin class – my religiously type of character when playing an RPG. This requires investing bonus points into his strength and dexterity, less into vitality and mana energy.

As weapons, mostly I use a powerful sword and a shield to go with it…but as you develop, you can use two-handed weapons, like the Battle Axe I have equipped right now.

The first chapter of Diablo II tells the story of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye – which is almost decimated by evil forces. Through the main missions, you have to cleanse the evil from the surroundings of the Rogue Encampment.

Den of Evil – Very easy to get through. Mostly you’ll have to kill fallens and zombies.

Sisters’ Burial Grounds – This place is the shelter of Blood Raven, a Rogue corrupted by Andariel and which must be killed to restore peace to the zone.

Rescue Cain – Let’s get back to Tristram and enjoy what’s left of it [Deckard Cain in a cage]. If you’re here…stay a while and listen (did you heard me Mister M.?)

The Forgotten Tower – Here, after exploring the rooms, killing goatmen and specters, you’ll encounter The Countess, a gaming version of Elizabeth Bathory.

Tools of the Trade – This quest involves my first Diablo sweetheart, Charsi. I just love her voice. I always go back and talk to her…she’s irresistible.

Sisters to the Slaughter – The final mission of Act I. You’ll encounter Andariel (who was summoned by Diablo himself) and open the path to Lut Gholein.

This Act is a very fine way to increase your character’s potential. I always go back to the visited places to gain more experience. But this only works with the first few levels…cuz after you’re powerful enough the experience points in here will be too low for gaining another level.

Anyway…til Diablo III hits the market, this is a very good way to enjoy the classic Blizzard.


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