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Sanctum – Review

If you like adventure movies, you should check this out. From the executive producer James Cameron comes Sanctum.

A nearly impossible system of caves gets explored by a team in the hopes of finding the other end of it. With flooded passages and dangerous subterranean rivers, the only way to continue is down.

This cave is the only places left unexplored – that’s why the divers get so excited about it. But soon they’ll discover that this adventure comes with a price.

When communication with the outside world is cut due to a tropical storm – some of them will try to get to surface. But because the amount of water that comes down will not permit them to leave, they’ll have to find another exit point.

Accidents occur, people die, everything is getting disastrous. The few that remained are starting to lose hope. Their source of light gets low – but they have to struggle to survive.

A lot of underwater landscapes depicted in this production – a great image of the natural elements, described in their essence – raw and furious.


Mirror’s Edge Issue #3

The abilities of a Runner – trying to catch a glimpse of truth.

In this issue, we follow Faith as she tries to gather information on the person who’s tracing her father down.

After contemplating the remains of the old City, she gets into action.

A great feeling of discovering bits of her past comes our way. Also, this issue touches a bit of dramatization. Feelings, memories, thoughts…something that helps you feel still alive.

We have also our share of action, as Faith is breaking into some apartments. And of course, she must escape from the tenants after that.

The world of Runners is filled with dangers.

Are you capable of taking risks?

We’re Alive

Recently I sat for hours and listened to this amazing audio drama called We’re Alive. It’s about the zombie apocalypse, it’s free and it’s the greatest thing I’ve heard in my life.

It’s not your everyday undead tale, but a collection of drama, horror, crime, comedy and action elements. You can find it here – The Zombie Podcast.

From the first episode we deal with intensive drama and factual depictions through the eyes of the characters.

Sergeant Michael Cross is the one who involves us in the story. By his monologue he describes his life at the moment of the outbreak.

Later, he and his military intelligence comrades start the battle against the zombies.

While the episodes keep running, our heroes encounter many obstacles, rescue other survivors, deal with the hungry hordes and try to live as normal as possible.

They always have to explore the remains of the city to find out resources like food, drugs and munition.

The show has a great action-adventure atmosphere. When the survivors don’t fight with the undead, they must fight for their belongings because other “survivors” want to conquer their territory.

There are 18 episodes structured into 2 seasons [til this moment]. Every episode has three parts. From the beginning it gets you addictive and with every episode, the story is developing – becoming more intense and more interesting. The ending of each episode leaves a wide space for interpretations and a sense of wanting to know more.

You can find additional details at the Zombie Podcast Wiki.

Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon

I recently laid my eyes on Avalon [from the director of Ghost in the Shell].

Avalon is set in a futuristic environment, where different worlds combine. The characters become players engaged in a deadly and illegal simulation combat game.

They create parties, gain experience points and complete missions.

It’s a sort of first person/third person shooter with RPG elements – obviously adapted for the big screen.

Our hero, Ash is an experienced fighter – one of the “star players”. She is a loner, lives with her dog [you probably remember him from GITS].

After finding out of a more intensive and higher level of the game, she starts seeking information about that “map”. Of course, playing there demands joining a party, so she ends up with a bunch of adventurers who also wanted to explore the hidden faces of Avalon.

There’s a tense atmosphere depicted in this movie, a devastated world. Violence is everywhere. Ruins, sick people, dead nature – everything to lead to a dark face of existence.

Special effects, non-linear story-telling, guns and ashes…one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Recommended.

Mirror’s Edge Comic Issue #2

Faith was startled by the photos of her father and now, she needs some answers from him. In this issue we see her on the first official mission.

Welcome again to the world of Runners.

The second issue of the Mirror’s Edge comic presents Faith trying to track down her father.

The surveillance photos that she discovered are a sign of something shady that’s been developing.

So, without hesitation she meets some old friends hoping that she might get something about her father’s whereabouts.

We see how her work is a public menace and she always have to hide from the cops.

Her sister Kate managed to become an officer and meeting with her is really a dangerous thing now.

More questions are rising up, but we get to learn a bit more about the world of Runners, their feelings and perceptions upon the city they are living in.

The NGP / PSP2

Officially, the NGP, or the Play Station Portable 2 will be released sometime in the holiday season of this year.

Gamers from all around the world, you have a lot of time before you get your hands on this one.

property of

With unique controls and a cool interface, the NGP will bring strong game names with it. For example, the Call of Duty series are in a developing stage for this new console.

The technology used to create this device offers it a prolonged life, so you can enjoy it for many many hours.

The console promises many things and this could give a new perspective upon the gaming industry.

Mirror’s Edge Comic Issue #1

The Mirror’s Edge game didn’t answer all the questions that were raised up by the plot and because the story of the Runners is so intensive, I decided to read the comic issues that followed this production.

The Runners are an illegal association, a courier group that works above the City’s legal requirements.

They tend not to get involve in what they are transporting, because they are paid only to deliver.

When Faith Connors is caught stealing, her victim will become soon the one to infiltrate her into this world of Runners.

Faith is ready for getting some action and because a new ear-piece must be tested, she is sent into the battle field.

A couple of stunts and she’s enjoying life like nobody else would. The only thing is that one of her comrades is in a pinch and he needs help – so by helping him, she gets to see what he was carrying – surveillance photos of her father.

Written by Rhianna Pratchett and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith, this first issue is representing Faith’s first encounter with the dangerous world of the Runners.

She is persistent anyway so living on the edge it’s the best way for her to start.

[next issue #2]