Silent Hill

Amazing. Neurotic. Inspiring. Abstractly complexed. And not just only that.

Silent Hill is the type of movie/videogame that can change your perspective upon things.

This Universe is so well-created that it can create dizziness in your subconscious.

Silent Hill is a ghost town, a place where the Darkness dwells, where evil feelings can conquer and manipulate the surroundings.

Because it has Japanese origins, the Silent Hill media contains themes like dramatic deaths of the innocents, sadistic and brutally torture conditions and of course bizarre entities that cannot control themselves.

I played a part of the first Silent Hill game and it was pretty impressive.

But what I love the most about Silent Hill is the unique soundtrack collection. Music never sounded this good…hot tracks of creepiness, hearing disgust and emotional inflicted melodies. And of course that piano elements are to be found everywhere.

Silent Hill is the story of survival in a ghastly exploration of a demonic small city. Faith, hope, desperation and fear. Just enjoy all of them.


3 thoughts on “Silent Hill

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