Oki’s Movie – perceptions

Okay. I am a sucker for art. For music, for films, for photography. And I thank the Lord for bringing this movie upon my path. This is a movie about art, about the passion of creating a movie, about how a movie can shape and offer a story. Oki's Movie is a collection of four… Continue reading Oki’s Movie – perceptions


Uzumaki [volumes 1-5]

These horror manga volumes were written and illustrated by Junji Ito. The first 5 volumes were just exactly what I was looking for. In a small city, called Kurozucho, the people get affected by a strange phenomenon. A ghastly entity perhaps or just a glimpse of evil, taking the shape of a spiral is driving… Continue reading Uzumaki [volumes 1-5]

Silent Hill

Amazing. Neurotic. Inspiring. Abstractly complexed. And not just only that. Silent Hill is the type of movie/videogame that can change your perspective upon things. This Universe is so well-created that it can create dizziness in your subconscious. Silent Hill is a ghost town, a place where the Darkness dwells, where evil feelings can conquer and… Continue reading Silent Hill

Forest Nocturnal [Undead Infinity]

Gothic Horror Mini Essay. Contains foul language and depictions of violence. Not suitable for minors. She screamed for help without knowing that in this infinite shithole there's no soul to hear her desperate calls. She was injured, terrified, hopeless... The wind made creepy sounds while traveling between the trees. They seemed to be burned, almost… Continue reading Forest Nocturnal [Undead Infinity]