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Oki’s Movie – perceptions

Okay. I am a sucker for art. For music, for films, for photography. And I thank the Lord for bringing this movie upon my path.

This is a movie about art, about the passion of creating a movie, about how a movie can shape and offer a story.

Oki’s Movie is a collection of four short shots that have the same characters but expressed in different circumstances. The movie is constantly making me to think about how our actions can transform our future and how a simple thing can have multiple faces, hidden from the normal human eye.

Student, movie maker, teacher, friend, lover, you can be all of these and support whatever comes your way.

The first part is about friendship and the relationship with other individuals. Can you be good or bad, can you help others or get into their ways. You want to help or you’re looking only for your own wealth and pleasures?

My favorite, second shot movie is about love. Struggling with the idea of wanting someone who isn’t as opened up to you as you think. But things can work out. At least in the movie…

The third is like you could picture a free Q&A session with your teacher…finding out what he thinks about concepts that normal people use in their lives.

The last part is about a combination of two events. Same place, same ideas, same tactics, different people…how personality can change everything.

The whole message of the movie is about living your life correctly. Exploring what you can feel, what you can see. This movie is about to change my perception upon my existential condition.


Uzumaki [volumes 1-5]

These horror manga volumes were written and illustrated by Junji Ito.

The first 5 volumes were just exactly what I was looking for. In a small city, called Kurozucho, the people get affected by a strange phenomenon. A ghastly entity perhaps or just a glimpse of evil, taking the shape of a spiral is driving the people crazy.

Our main character, Kirie Goshima returned here without knowing what is due to happen. She gets involved in this strange story after seeing a man being absorbed by a spiral-shaped snail. After meeting her old friend Shuichi Saito, she gets some info about the Spiral and how this started to possess people.

Personality decay, sick subconscious, paranoia, desperation, self-destruction and death, all are effects of The Spiral.

In the first five volumes we do not find out what this Spiral is, but only that people who got obsessed with it, get consumed and they become a spiral. Shuichi’s parents will both die and became trapped into it.

Also, we do now that the phenomenon brings a sort of passion about itself. In volume 4 for example, the art of pottery is transformed into an open portal for this evil force to strike again and to make people wanting to explore it more and more.

Also, we deal with themes like friendship, love and betray, everything seen in a twisted way. I wonder what comes up next.

Silent Hill

Amazing. Neurotic. Inspiring. Abstractly complexed. And not just only that.

Silent Hill is the type of movie/videogame that can change your perspective upon things.

This Universe is so well-created that it can create dizziness in your subconscious.

Silent Hill is a ghost town, a place where the Darkness dwells, where evil feelings can conquer and manipulate the surroundings.

Because it has Japanese origins, the Silent Hill media contains themes like dramatic deaths of the innocents, sadistic and brutally torture conditions and of course bizarre entities that cannot control themselves.

I played a part of the first Silent Hill game and it was pretty impressive.

But what I love the most about Silent Hill is the unique soundtrack collection. Music never sounded this good…hot tracks of creepiness, hearing disgust and emotional inflicted melodies. And of course that piano elements are to be found everywhere.

Silent Hill is the story of survival in a ghastly exploration of a demonic small city. Faith, hope, desperation and fear. Just enjoy all of them.

Forest Nocturnal [Undead Infinity]

Gothic Horror Mini Essay. Contains foul language and depictions of violence. Not suitable for minors.

She screamed for help without knowing that in this infinite shithole there’s no soul to hear her desperate calls. She was injured, terrified, hopeless…

The wind made creepy sounds while traveling between the trees. They seemed to be burned, almost in a sick way…having the color of foul ashes that rose up from a crematory.

Everywhere she looked she saw dark crosses, with infected crows on them. In their eyes was a dominant demonic stare, waiting for the unexpected to happen. But with all this, there was a silent atmosphere. It seemed like everything that involved the scenery was put into a silent movie and played like this for hours.

She crossed this cemetery hoping that someone will find her. The crows only moved their heads watching her constantly. They seemed possessed…so the only explanation for this was the reason for her hunger of survival. That creature was after her…

Running away it’s not always an option and when she realized that it was too late. Because she gained speed, she wasn’t attentive to what might come up in her way…so she walked right into a deep dark hole. She remembered how she got here before her skull cracked open and her brains spread like the petals of a dead anemone…

From the distance, the crows followed her tragedy. But the silence still remained…