Sadistic Fog [from Undead Infinity]

Sadistic Fog is a part of the Undead Infinity Literature collection. Original Artworks Inc.

May contain inappropriate language and depiction of  violence. Parental discretion is advised.

Cold places demand cold thoughts, useless memories that torn apart the human soul…

One image to transfer the reality into a paraplegic illusion, ready to harvest the golden worms that devour the rotten flesh…

I’ve been there…I saw..I felt this way and I can remember. A cold late evening, all by myself along the unleashed dirty river of sins…

The moon, pale and sticky, just posted on a cloudless sky. And the fog…the eternal scent of unhappiness, bringing the souls of the deceased with her.

I walked carefully among the corpses feeling their pain, their desperation, their need of freedom…I tasted the impure blood and sniffed the putrid material that was covering our ways…

Then I woke up…realizing that I was still lonely in my sealed coffin…waiting for God to accept me the way I am.

What am I?


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