Imperion – Free Browser-Based game

This new type of games wasn’t very attractive to me…but today after I had a discussion with some of my friends who enjoy playing browser-based MMOs and RTSs, I said that I should try something new for a change.

So, after a bit of research I happened to get upon this game – Imperion. It is free, the registration is very easy and you can immediately start to play.

The story goes this way – It’s the year 2137. A thousand year old conflict threatens to rip apart a universe in which three species are fighting for domination. After great battles, hope now rests on your shoulders. Vast, unexplored galaxies await you. Develop new technologies, spaceships, and buildings. Establish your own intergalactic empire now!

Basically you have to choose one of the available species and start creating your own base – Xen, Terrans or Titans.

I went with the Titansbecause as the description says – they are the eldest intelligent species in the Universe and they are capable of progressing like no other life form can.

Wisdom is what makes them be a great nation. They don’t believe in War and still they have to confront their enemies.

So, shall we start with a short guide to what I’ve learned in the last two hours?

First of all, all things in here run based upon energy. The Alien Energy Chamber is the first step to a new colony. This monument is thought to be the relic of an alien civilization. The AEC (Alien Energy Chamber) acts as an initial source of energy for each home world.

After establishing this, you can continue building all what’s necessary for your energy to grow up.

For other parts of your colony to get developed, you need a research lab. A ‘research lab’ grants access to new buildings and vessels as well as to a lot of other functions.

Then comes the scientific research. I personally went with the Engineering branch. It will help me develop my structures and get more energy material as I exploit my terrain.

For now, the game is very interesting. After I’ll develop more structures and upgrade them I’ll continue to state some of the things you should know if you want to play this game.


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