Spirited Away [perceptions]

Simply put and also finding myself trying to avoid the same cliche when talking about some of my favorites movies, Spirited Away it’s [for me] better than any Hollywood adventure-themed production.

It’s best that it’s animated cuz if it was a live-action motion, it wouldn’t be this great.

This will not be a regular review, [part of this due to the age of this film – 2001] and I’ll not introduce you to all the movie details.

Spirited Away [Oscar winner] it’s the story about finding your own purpose, a story that helps you to find your own limits. It’s a chance to discover your true self and to establish a relation-ship with your close-ones. Chihiro, our hero in this production will have to save her parents from a magical and also dark and twisted world.

Spirited Away presents a little girl who [along with her parents] ends up in this strange city where nobody lives. That until the night comes and the spirits come out and start their activity.

The depiction of the spirits and their lives it’s just awesome. The environment and the world itself it’s created perfectly. This could be a message of understanding the life after death, where everything’s supposed to be perfect and without any black spots.

Chihiro ends working at this public bath – where spirits enter and clean themselves. The part with the Filth Spirit it’s the best part of the movie. [damn, I’m being way too subjective in here].

Great characters, events that reveal the inner side of the human being and also lots of messages for the little ones. You can learn many things from this movie…okay I’ll stop here. A must see…recommended!!

[imported from VideoConsumer]


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