BlazBlue Song Accord#2 with Continuum Shift II

Have you ever played a game from Arc System Works, like Guilty Gears or BlazBlue?

If you haven’t, listen to me, you’ve made a big mistake. These arcade fighting games offer more than just a regular gaming session. Guilty Gears has a special place in my heart but BlazBlue, let’s just say I would play this game non-stop.

Part because of the stories, part because of the characters but mostly because of the atmosphere it generates while battling.

And it’s not just the fighting that makes you want more, but also the soundtrack.

These two series [GG and BB] offer spectacular songs once you get into them.

Recently there’s been released a collection of songs from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift that are listed below.

1. 深蒼
2. Butterfly Sky
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Pinky Promise
5. Alexandrite
6. Howling Moon
7. Active Angel
8. Comedy
9. Uprising
10. Premonition
11. Splash
12. RUN
13. Re:Stung
14. Lakeside
15. Breeze
16. Sword of Doom
17. Audience
19. 深蒼 -Instrumental-

I found the collection for DL on, so just follow the link for the tracks.

BlazBlue Song Accord#2 with Continuum Shift II


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