Whisper [from Undead Infinity]

Whisper is a part of the Undead Infinity Literature collection. Original Artworks Inc.

May contain inappropriate language and depiction of  violence. Parental discretion is advised.


“To feel that you’re really alive you have to die first”

Being surrounded by all this black thoughts, this mournful images and these dead wingless butterflies makes me feel happy sometimes.

I never trusted anyone who wanted to give me a helpful hand. I got burned too many fucking times trying to let the right one in. And I’m not talking about them. They don’t know, they just talk. They don’t see, they don’t sense, they just seek a way to erase me.

This is why I had to act. Quickly…whispering.

Waiting in the dark corners of your imagination I stayed true to who I am…what I am…some could say I’m a freak…others might go with the concept of serial killer…I just describe myself as being different, special, with a sadistic purpose and a darkened mind.

They always remember the whisper. I appear out of nowhere in their shadow and approach them. With my shiny knife I slit their throats and listen…listen to them chocking with their own spiritual potion.

Let me tell you about the last. Damn, that was messy, nasty, ugly, fucking wicked.

She was almost the same age as me…the clicheic heart-breaker, quite pretty and popular. Too bad she ended headless in her mom’s trashcan.

Still, something inside me might change. I’m just staying in here for now, listening to my own heartbeat imagining you…on a dark alley.


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