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Sadistic Fog [from Undead Infinity]

Sadistic Fog is a part of the Undead Infinity Literature collection. Original Artworks Inc.

May contain inappropriate language and depiction of  violence. Parental discretion is advised.

Cold places demand cold thoughts, useless memories that torn apart the human soul…

One image to transfer the reality into a paraplegic illusion, ready to harvest the golden worms that devour the rotten flesh…

I’ve been there…I saw..I felt this way and I can remember. A cold late evening, all by myself along the unleashed dirty river of sins…

The moon, pale and sticky, just posted on a cloudless sky. And the fog…the eternal scent of unhappiness, bringing the souls of the deceased with her.

I walked carefully among the corpses feeling their pain, their desperation, their need of freedom…I tasted the impure blood and sniffed the putrid material that was covering our ways…

Then I woke up…realizing that I was still lonely in my sealed coffin…waiting for God to accept me the way I am.

What am I?


Wyolica – Sirius

With the Christmas being so close – it’s a perfect time for everybody to make gifts and get closer to those who they love. And what’s more appropriate for getting closer to your fans – if not through a free, sweet song.

Wyolica group has released a new track called “Sirius” which can be downloaded for free. The project is meant to support a weather site [which everyone needs] and the song it’s just perfect to the upcoming holidays.

You can DL it from here – Wyolica – Sirius.

The Executioner [review]

Before I begin, let me state some things about my personality. I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and the whole act of redemption. I never been to prison and I PRAY that I’ll never end up there, but still, I have my compassion and affection for those who lose their freedom.

The Executioner is a Korean prison-themed movie, that revolves around the act of the death penalty.

Working in a prison has both good and bad consequences. Bad because you always have to protect yourself and you have to go to work, without knowing for sure that today could be your last day on Earth.

Good – could be because of the essence of your work, bringing bad guys in the situation of realizing that they should change and let their dark side dissolve.

Being the new employee it’s always hard. Everybody expects too much from you, and most of them will get in your way just to feel a little sick pleasure.

Being a new guardian it’s a tough job. But that’s not what the movie really meant to present.

Around Christmas – the prison receives the order of executing three prisoners. Nobody was put to death for a period of 12 years, so this odd and disturbing job will bring nothing good. There are no significant amounts of gore in this film, because the producers and the screen-writer concentrated on characters and their illustration.

When put to choose someone to execute the inmates, nobody thinks that this would suit them. Among the convicts that will be killed, there is an old-harmless man that became a close friend to the man that will kill him.

But not all inmates deserve mercy or pity. One character that would do anything to cut you to pieces makes you believe in the true nature of the death penalty.

The drama intensifies as the moment of the executions approaches. Now we will see the true faces of those put to kill others. And surprise! some of them are just made for that job.

A very touching story, with a great soundtrack and a sad atmosphere. A truly great movie.

Imperion – Free Browser-Based game

This new type of games wasn’t very attractive to me…but today after I had a discussion with some of my friends who enjoy playing browser-based MMOs and RTSs, I said that I should try something new for a change.

So, after a bit of research I happened to get upon this game – Imperion. It is free, the registration is very easy and you can immediately start to play.

The story goes this way – It’s the year 2137. A thousand year old conflict threatens to rip apart a universe in which three species are fighting for domination. After great battles, hope now rests on your shoulders. Vast, unexplored galaxies await you. Develop new technologies, spaceships, and buildings. Establish your own intergalactic empire now!

Basically you have to choose one of the available species and start creating your own base – Xen, Terrans or Titans.

I went with the Titansbecause as the description says – they are the eldest intelligent species in the Universe and they are capable of progressing like no other life form can.

Wisdom is what makes them be a great nation. They don’t believe in War and still they have to confront their enemies.

So, shall we start with a short guide to what I’ve learned in the last two hours?

First of all, all things in here run based upon energy. The Alien Energy Chamber is the first step to a new colony. This monument is thought to be the relic of an alien civilization. The AEC (Alien Energy Chamber) acts as an initial source of energy for each home world.

After establishing this, you can continue building all what’s necessary for your energy to grow up.

For other parts of your colony to get developed, you need a research lab. A ‘research lab’ grants access to new buildings and vessels as well as to a lot of other functions.

Then comes the scientific research. I personally went with the Engineering branch. It will help me develop my structures and get more energy material as I exploit my terrain.

For now, the game is very interesting. After I’ll develop more structures and upgrade them I’ll continue to state some of the things you should know if you want to play this game.

Spirited Away [perceptions]

Simply put and also finding myself trying to avoid the same cliche when talking about some of my favorites movies, Spirited Away it’s [for me] better than any Hollywood adventure-themed production.

It’s best that it’s animated cuz if it was a live-action motion, it wouldn’t be this great.

This will not be a regular review, [part of this due to the age of this film – 2001] and I’ll not introduce you to all the movie details.

Spirited Away [Oscar winner] it’s the story about finding your own purpose, a story that helps you to find your own limits. It’s a chance to discover your true self and to establish a relation-ship with your close-ones. Chihiro, our hero in this production will have to save her parents from a magical and also dark and twisted world.

Spirited Away presents a little girl who [along with her parents] ends up in this strange city where nobody lives. That until the night comes and the spirits come out and start their activity.

The depiction of the spirits and their lives it’s just awesome. The environment and the world itself it’s created perfectly. This could be a message of understanding the life after death, where everything’s supposed to be perfect and without any black spots.

Chihiro ends working at this public bath – where spirits enter and clean themselves. The part with the Filth Spirit it’s the best part of the movie. [damn, I’m being way too subjective in here].

Great characters, events that reveal the inner side of the human being and also lots of messages for the little ones. You can learn many things from this movie…okay I’ll stop here. A must see…recommended!!

[imported from VideoConsumer]

BlazBlue Song Accord#2 with Continuum Shift II

Have you ever played a game from Arc System Works, like Guilty Gears or BlazBlue?

If you haven’t, listen to me, you’ve made a big mistake. These arcade fighting games offer more than just a regular gaming session. Guilty Gears has a special place in my heart but BlazBlue, let’s just say I would play this game non-stop.

Part because of the stories, part because of the characters but mostly because of the atmosphere it generates while battling.

And it’s not just the fighting that makes you want more, but also the soundtrack.

These two series [GG and BB] offer spectacular songs once you get into them.

Recently there’s been released a collection of songs from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift that are listed below.

1. 深蒼
2. Butterfly Sky
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Pinky Promise
5. Alexandrite
6. Howling Moon
7. Active Angel
8. Comedy
9. Uprising
10. Premonition
11. Splash
12. RUN
13. Re:Stung
14. Lakeside
15. Breeze
16. Sword of Doom
17. Audience
19. 深蒼 -Instrumental-

I found the collection for DL on, so just follow the link for the tracks.

BlazBlue Song Accord#2 with Continuum Shift II

Whisper [from Undead Infinity]

Whisper is a part of the Undead Infinity Literature collection. Original Artworks Inc.

May contain inappropriate language and depiction of  violence. Parental discretion is advised.


“To feel that you’re really alive you have to die first”

Being surrounded by all this black thoughts, this mournful images and these dead wingless butterflies makes me feel happy sometimes.

I never trusted anyone who wanted to give me a helpful hand. I got burned too many fucking times trying to let the right one in. And I’m not talking about them. They don’t know, they just talk. They don’t see, they don’t sense, they just seek a way to erase me.

This is why I had to act. Quickly…whispering.

Waiting in the dark corners of your imagination I stayed true to who I am…what I am…some could say I’m a freak…others might go with the concept of serial killer…I just describe myself as being different, special, with a sadistic purpose and a darkened mind.

They always remember the whisper. I appear out of nowhere in their shadow and approach them. With my shiny knife I slit their throats and listen…listen to them chocking with their own spiritual potion.

Let me tell you about the last. Damn, that was messy, nasty, ugly, fucking wicked.

She was almost the same age as me…the clicheic heart-breaker, quite pretty and popular. Too bad she ended headless in her mom’s trashcan.

Still, something inside me might change. I’m just staying in here for now, listening to my own heartbeat imagining you…on a dark alley.