Sadistic Fog [from Undead Infinity]

Sadistic Fog is a part of the Undead Infinity Literature collection. Original Artworks Inc. May contain inappropriate language and depiction of  violence. Parental discretion is advised. Cold places demand cold thoughts, useless memories that torn apart the human soul... One image to transfer the reality into a paraplegic illusion, ready to harvest the golden worms… Continue reading Sadistic Fog [from Undead Infinity]


Wyolica – Sirius

With the Christmas being so close - it's a perfect time for everybody to make gifts and get closer to those who they love. And what's more appropriate for getting closer to your fans - if not through a free, sweet song. Wyolica group has released a new track called "Sirius" which can be downloaded… Continue reading Wyolica – Sirius

The Executioner [review]

Before I begin, let me state some things about my personality. I’ve always been fascinated by prisons and the whole act of redemption. I never been to prison and I PRAY that I’ll never end up there, but still, I have my compassion and affection for those who lose their freedom. The Executioner is a… Continue reading The Executioner [review]

Imperion – Free Browser-Based game

This new type of games wasn't very attractive to me...but today after I had a discussion with some of my friends who enjoy playing browser-based MMOs and RTSs, I said that I should try something new for a change. So, after a bit of research I happened to get upon this game - Imperion. It… Continue reading Imperion – Free Browser-Based game

Spirited Away [perceptions]

Simply put and also finding myself trying to avoid the same cliche when talking about some of my favorites movies, Spirited Away it’s [for me] better than any Hollywood adventure-themed production. It’s best that it’s animated cuz if it was a live-action motion, it wouldn’t be this great. This will not be a regular review,… Continue reading Spirited Away [perceptions]