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DOOM – 25th Anniversary

Today is the 25th celebration of the franchise that brought the game that revolutionized the first-person-shooter genre. DOOM was one of the first games I’ve played at an early age – but throughout the years I replayed the games over and over.


Doom is considered to be one of the pioneering first-person shooter games, introducing to IBM-compatible computers features such as 3D graphics, third-dimension spatiality, networked multiplayer gameplay, and support for player-created modifications with the Doom WAD format. Since the release of Doom in 1993, the series has spawned numerous sequels, expansion packs, and a film.

Since its debut, over 10 million copies of games in the Doom series have been sold.

Set in a violent and brutal world of colonized Mars – you step into a Colonial Marine shoes in a raging battle against mutants and other foes that conquered the facilities in which you happen to be. The first game – took the player into a massive war against demons that spawned into his path. The graphics told a story of mutilation and carnage – while you – equipped with shotguns, rifles, chainsaws or just with your fists – drew a colorful line towards progression in the game.

By exploring the maps – you could have found secret levels, color keys to unlock further areas and of course – more enemies and more bonuses like extra health or armor, ammo and suits to traverse dangerous lakes of green toxic ooze.

Simplistic – yet content-rich – the first DOOM game offered hours of delight – so I will too celebrate this amazing anniversary by playing some of the DOOM BFG Edition – which not only brings together the main games of the series – but also the memories of the lost Mars facilities.

Once in a while I listen to the soundtrack of the original game. Energetic and motivational – the soundtrack is one of the best in the gaming area.

As a gift to the fans – the Doom designer John Romero announced a free mode for the original game.

SIGIL is a free mod that serves as a spiritual sequel to the fourth episode of DOOM and picks up right where that game left off. SIGIL will be a free download once it releases in February 2019, and includes nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. Special editions of SIGIL are also available for pre-order, which include a physical box, an exclusive Buckethead soundtrack, a copy of the mod on a “3 ½-inch floppy disk themed USB drive” and more. To access the new SIGIL content, players must already own a copy of the original 1993 DOOM.

Below is also a list of all the oficial Doom games.

Title  Details

Original release date:

  • NA: December 10, 1993
  • EU: 1993
Release years by system:
1993 – MS-DOSMacintosh
1994 – Sega 32XAtari Jaguar
1995 – Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemPlayStation
1996 – Microsoft Windows3DO
1997 – Sega Saturn
1998 – Acorn Archimedes
2001 – Game Boy Advance
2005 – Xbox
2006 – Xbox 360
2009 – iOS
2012 – PlayStation 3

  • On April 30, 1995, an updated version of the game, The Ultimate Doom, was released which had an additional fourth episode, “Thy Flesh Consumed”, in addition to the original three episodes.

Original release dates:

  • NA: September 30, 1994
  • EU: October 10, 1994
Release years by system:
1994 – MS-DOS
1995 – Mac OSPlayStation
1996 – Microsoft Windows
1997 – Sega Saturn
2002 – Game Boy Advance
2004 – Tapwave Zodiac
2005 – Xbox
2010 – Xbox 360
2012 – PlayStation 3

Original release date:

  • NA: June 17, 1996
  • EU: 1996
Release years by system:
1996 – MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Mac OS

Original release dates:

  • NA: March 31, 1997
    • PAL: December 2, 1997
Release years by system:
1997 – Nintendo 64

Original release dates:

  • NA: August 3, 2004
    • EU: August 13, 2004
Release years by system:
2004 – Microsoft WindowsLinux
2005 – OS X, Xbox

  • First reboot of the series.

Original release dates:

  • NA: April 3, 2005
  • EU: April 8, 2005
Release years by system:
2005 – Microsoft WindowsLinux, Xbox

Original release dates:

  • NA: October 16, 2012
  • AU: October 18, 2012
  • EU: October 19, 2012
Release years by system:
2012 – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
2015 – Android

  • Re-release of Doom 3 which includes Resurrection of Evil and a new expansion pack titled The Lost Mission.
  • Expansion pack for Doom 3.

Original release date:

  • WW: May 13, 2016
Release years by system:
2016 – Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox One
2017 – Nintendo Switch

  • Multiplayer co-developed with Certain Affinity.
  • SnapMap co-developed with Escalation Studios.
  • Second reboot of the series.

Proposed release date:

Proposed system release:
TBA – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • Sequel to the 2016 reboot.


Title Details

Original release date:

  • WW: September 13, 2005
Release years by system:
2005 – Mobile

  • Developed by Fountainhead Entertainment.

Original release date:

  • WW: June 26, 2009
Release years by system:
2009 – iOS

  • Set in parallel to Doom 3.

Original release date:

  • WW: November 23, 2009
Release years by system:
2009 – Java MEBlackBerry OS
2010 – Windows MobileiOS

  • Developed by Fountainhead Entertainment.

Original release date:

  • WW: December 1, 2017
Release years by system:
2017 – Windows Mixed RealityHTC VivePS VR

  • Developer: id Software
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

You can also find out more info by clicking Doom Games.

The Dark Occult – Conceptual Review

When you start playing an indie horror game that puts you into a haunted, decaying Victorian-style mansion – you wouldn’t say that after more than 30 hours you are still trying to get all the elements of the game and finish the puzzles you are offered to complete.

But if you try to play a game with as little help from walkthroughs as possible – you will discover that you start memorizing paths and corridors and where each room is situated. For me – this game started completely fascinating – but soon I realized the dark tones of the construction in the game – along with the constant attacks from demons – lead you to hours and hours of trying to unlock all the secrets.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-39-17-64

The Dark Occult – initially named The Conjuring House – is a first-person psychological horror game – developed by Rym Games.

You enter this abandoned mansion only to discover that once you’ve entered it – the door behind you becomes a brick wall and that you have to survive the night. First of all, you encounter locked doors – bearing the signs of the Zodiac. You have to unlock boxes and wardrobes – you have to collect artifacts in order to eliminate the dark forces that materialized in this place. You have to survive the attacks of the demons that come after you.

Soon this survival transforms into a rushed exploration of each corner, room, corridor and dungeon.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-40-25-65

There is a variety of elements that put together the plot. In order to destroy the evil force inside the mansion – you have to collect 5 sacred artifacts and burn them – to destroy the spells and the demons. Little by little by reading notes and letters you discover that the owners – especially the wife of the mansion’s owner – was involved in a cult that sacrificed people and brought doom into our dimension.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-19 10-42-03-32
Getting all the necessary items becomes impossible at some point. In order to get to a key of a specific artifact – you have to complete other puzzles. For example for getting the code to a safe you have to conjure up a spirit. Therefore you need voodoo dolls, an Ouija pointer and so on.

You have to explore and re-explore certain areas because you don’t always find the right specific items in the order you desire. One elements lead to another and the mansion because a dark maze in which you are trapped.

Demonic dolls start attacking you, the floors and door creak in a sinister tongue, and the demons are always behind you – when you least expect it.

As I was saying – I played the game over a few days now – I spend even 9 hours one day in order to see what comes next – I currently have more than 31 hours of gameplay and I still haven’t found all the relics – found only two artifacts and almost all the keys except 3 or 4. I discovered most parts of the attic, second floor, first floor and the basement dungeons. At some points I became trapped and I got killed several times – but with persistence I managed to move on from these locations only to discover that I have no idea what to do next.

As a guide I would suggest exploring and re-exploring the areas – saving as often as possible.

The shades and the dark areas only lit by a fireplace, the haulings of the banshees, the silence of abandonment, the surroundings, the music behind the brutal attacks and the sounds of rats which are everywhere make this game to have a unique atmosphere. I recommend it of you need a long exploring and tensionate game – and you have the patience for it.

The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping 2018-11-30 23-22-39-77

The Terror – The Cold Within

One of the best TV series from this year is The Terror. Based on the 2007 novel bearing the same name, written by Dan Simmons – the series present the facts of the Great Britain’s Royal Navy’s expedition in the cold and harsh condition while searching for the Northwest Passage.

This Northwest Passage is from the European and northern Atlantic point of view, the sea route to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The eastern route along the Arctic coasts of Norway and Siberia is accordingly called Northeast Passage (NEP).

The various islands of the archipelago are separated from one another and from the Canadian mainland by a series of Arctic waterways collectively known as the Northwest Passages or Northwestern Passages. For centuries, European explorers sought a navigable passage as a possible trade route to Asia. An ice-bound northern route was discovered in 1850 by the Irish explorer Robert McClure; it was through a more southerly opening in an area explored by the Scotsman John Rae in 1854 that Norwegian Roald Amundsen made the first complete passage in 1903–1906.

Two warships – HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, along with the crew lead by Sir John Franklin – the commander of this expedition, get stuck in ice after traversing dangerous waters. The story is based on real facts, in which this fourth and last expedition of Franklin’s – led to the disappearance of him and other 129 men.

The story is set in 1847. The crew just sailed north of King William’s island before encountering colder than usual weather and getting stuck in the icy landscape. And not only the thought of having to get through these dangerous waters will began haunting the men – since soon they will realize other problems start to appear. The canned food seems to be putrid and uneatable – the mental state of the group starts to crack and in the dense fog there are haulings like never heard before. Soon – a creature in the dark starts attacking them. And along with all that – they have problems in finding signs of any civilization or wildlife to be hunted for sustenance.

There are tensionate moments in some of the episodes – leading you to wanting to start the next episode – to get the answers for the questions that continuously arrive. There are signs that the salvation of the crew gets farther and farther from reality.

At some point they decide to start exploring the barren rock that construct the nearby shores. With each step they take – they seal off their fate.

In reality – things seem to have happened the same – vestiges of a violent and cruel fate was discovered in what human remains and artifacts were discovered while searching for the missing ships and crews.

The fictional horror element from this first season will be metamorphosed into another type in the second season which will be released in 2019.

Moving from the mid-1800s, the second season will be set during World War II and will follow an uncanny spectre that menaces a Japanese-American community from its home in Southern California to the internment camps to the war in the Pacific.


Ritual [Horror Poem]

The heart stopped beating,

The corpse is filled

With maggots eating out the flesh…

And the desire of the wicked

Lets me to taste your blood – it’s fresh.

A shiny blade into the darkness,

So easily conformed and cold…

Unnecessary people dying,

A scream while cutting off their throat.

A ritual, an incantation,

A spell to call the demons forth –

From depths of Hell into our word –

Pagans recite sinister songs.

They dance blindfolded,

Dance in darkness…

Naked, wild, in agony.

Blood showers, flames of pleasure…

They kill, they bring your nullity.

They crack the skull, they rip the skin,

They mutilate and desecrate,

They cut the victim into pieces

Leaving them at the Hell’s gate.

They bear no names, they bear no soul.

They’re empty shelves – vessels of cold –

And while you die in misery

They stay the same, they don’t get old.