Cod3: Essential Programming Concepts [Part 01]

So.. before I am moving into learning the C language and some courses on Algorithms and Data Structures.. starting tomorrow morning.. I wanted to go through all my programming knowledge and read all my notes and eventually new explanations to concepts I don’t know that well. This post has been written starting with 11.04 this morning and was ended at 16.52. 🙂

I’ve also got another project on wire-framing tools which has to be worked on today.. at least be finished since I’ve spend like 4 hours Friday to get it done. I won’t get into many details since I am just stating concepts and a little explanation here while in reality I am studying lots of pages.


So.. that being said – let’s proceed. This will be a simple presentation of concepts I am dealing with – and not a detailed work.

Algorithms – Series of steps used to solve various classes of problems and to gain a certain desired result, based on input-output situations. Can perform calculation, data processing and automated reasoning tasks. (introduction information, provenience, structure, how to build a program, characteristics of algorithms, input-output declaration, data and variables, types of data, types of variables, expressions, types of expressions, algorithmic operations, algorithmic structures).

Computer Programming – (Operating systems, file systems, file extensions, hardware and software, programming languages, compiler, interpreter).

Framework – Layered structure indicating what kind of programs can be build and how they interrelate with each other. It can be a real or conceptual structure meant to serve as a support/guide for building something. Defines the flow of control for the application.

Fundamentals Of Coding – Coding can be found in software engineering, application design, cloud computing administration, network administration, IT maintenance, website building, cyber security.

Other concepts studied – Input, Output, Computer Program, Programming Languages, Data, Variables, Constants, Expressions, Operating Systems, Hardware, Software, BIOS, Fat32, NTFS, Protocols, Compilers, Interpreters, W3C, GUI, Procedural Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Library, Data Structures, Control Structures, Syntax, Programming Tools, Integers, Strings, Code Flow, Integrated Development Environments.



The National Ethnographic Park in Cluj

The National Ethnographic Park in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – is one of the well preserved ethnographic parks in Romania. It was established in 1929. The initial park had a surface of 75 ha, today only 16 ha still remained as part of the park. Some buildings have been destroyed during the second World War and the renovation works implemented in the following years help rebuild this “village” with its old and tranquil atmosphere.

Today, the first sector includes technical installations and workshops dating back to the 18th-20th centuries, illustrating the traditional techniques of wood and iron processing, gold making, woolen fabrics, clay, stone milling, grain milling and ways to obtain edible oil.

The second sector contains traditional peasant farms representative of distinct ethnographic areas in Transylvania, including buildings dated between the 17th and 20th centuries, equipped with the necessary household inventory.

I’ve only visited the park twice – but it feels like a place you don’t want to leave – the old structures and how everything used to work a few centuries ago – takes you back in time.


Dear Esther – Conceptual Essayistic Review

“When this paper aeroplane leaves the cliff edge and carves parallel vapour trails in the dark, we will come together”.

Imagine yourself outside the comforts of this world. Imagine a time when technological and industrial advances weren’t a key subject in the local newspapers. When electricity wasn’t singing its song into the blissful evenings that were setting upon the little farm houses.

Picture the flickering pale light of a candle. It whispers nuances around it.. It whispers translucent bedtime stories of heroes and villains alike – with they swords and shields polished for the greatest battle they’ve ever seen.


Visualize a storm in the distance, the sound of waves crashing down gently into the rocky facade of an old-forgotten island. And the aged lighthouse not emitting life-saving signals anymore… just memories of how vigor used to caress perpetual smiles.

A boat without a bottom, a means of transportation without passengers, a lonely seagull looking for shelter and the sea, the ancient sea witnessing all the humankind’s history.

You have a mission. To reach one final destination before closing the deal with this existence. You travel across the deserted island and encounter rocky formations that stand up like pagan altars – used for praying to Gods and Goddesses for health and prosperous harvests.

All you can see are abandoned ships. Seems like the world traveled afar from here and never came back. Like people never existed and this tragic game of souls wasn’t developed properly. Source code for sadness.

Beyond and above the scarred, dried bushes – there is an abandoned house. You take shelter there – hoping that the coming storm will leave soon and will never betray its origin. You can hear its cruel moaning entering the broken windows. Little drops of rain touching your face. This was only meant to caress you, to reassure you that everything will be fine from now on, but they feel like cold spikes on a everlasting winter. It is too lonely here. Yet, you continue your journey.


Watery caves. Fluorescent mushrooms. Stalactites and stalagmites.

Underground lake formations. Rivers of calcareous water. The rocks beneath you are slippery. You touch the walls of the cave with your bare hands and feel the magical coldness installed here. Wet, unstable, unfriendly, unwelcome, deadly…

The air is filled with sprinkles of humidified substances. A cavern of troublesome trips. A labyrinth of paths that lead outside through a collection of survival attempts. You have to ascend, then descend and repeat the whole process. Following the waterfalls you engage in a deadly dive. It is now a crucial point in your journey. It is just a leap of faith. Faith that cannot be comprehended, nor explained in any book.

And all this leads you to the last portion of your journey. The longest journey ever taken…

What once was a port for large vessels – became now a ruin of nothingness. The skeleton of a dead whale… a reminder that where life ends… possibilities are unknown. The storm has passed, but strong winds still haul above you – attacking the mountain you are about to climb. Shadowy figures appear to be watching you… yet when you reach the point where the dark stranger sat – you find nothing, only a half-burned candle.

You take a deep breath. And you ascend. You are at the tower. A Babylon ready to be reborn. Damascus at dawn, with no-one around.

And you – poetically progressing – take another leap of faith… faith that cannot be comprehended, nor explained in any book…


The Morning Coffee Jazz Music Radio Station

There is something beautiful about having Jazz music in the background when preparing breakfast on a Monday.

For some time now I’ve been listening all sorts of new genres.

I am very fond of relaxing music, spa music, sleep music, jazz music and ambiance mixes from various games. I enjoy Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ambiances, online Jazz radios, I used to listen to various radio posts from TuneIn with the android app. But my favorite at the moment are Luke Pirvan’s Radio Channels, especially The Morning Coffee Jazz Music Radio Station.

Have a pleasant week!

Dear Esther (Complete Script)


As I happened to replay Dear Esther this evening – I wanted to share the complete script of the game – which comes in various combinations with each time you play the game.

I am also waiting for the recorded gameplay to be processed before I can publish it on Youtube. Later in the morning I will write a conceptual review of the game.

Opening monologues

Dear Esther. I sometimes feel as if I’ve given birth to this island. Somewhere, between the longitude and latitude a split opened up and it beached remotely here. No matter how hard I correlate, it remains a singularity, an alpha point in my life that refuses all hypothesis. I return each time leaving fresh markers that I hope, in the full glare of my hopelessness, will have blossomed into fresh insight in the interim.

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